Is there a Justin Rose in you?

rsz_rose-bigThird Sunday of the month June is special not just as father’s day but also as, if there is no weather delay, United States Open Championship, commonly known as the U.S. Open. Staged and organized by   United States Golf Association (USGA), this annual golf tournament in America is the second major golf tournament in the world. As this is a golf blogger section, so you as a reader must be a golf lover. It will be a great interest for all us to talk about the marvelous winning of U.S open major champion trophy by the English man Justin Rose at Merion last Sunday. This is indeed a historical moment for England as after a wait of seventeen years the country has captured a major golf tournament title.

Rose came into prominence as an amateur 17 year old golfer who in the year 1998 spectacularly won the final hole to finish fourth British Open at Royal. Since then, even through many twists and turns, Rose had made England proud through various golf pursuits like 2007 Order of Merit on the European Tour; World Golf Championship event at the WGC-Cadillac Championship in March 2012 and others.

Not only the international golfers like Justin Rose, Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson play with dedication and for the love of winning. But, even the golfers playing within a local club or among a friend circle put the equal degree of dedication, patience and efforts to win. Although, there are some golfers who play just to spend some quality times with friends, however, when a dedicated and serious golfer holds the club and aims for his hole, he definitely wants to put himself in the shoes of Justin Rose or Tiger Woods.

A dedicated golfer plays for excellence and improvement and accordingly puts the effort into their game. To assist such dedicated players in their pursuit of excellence, various training programs are available. Golfers can use these training programs as a self management process through which they can have a step by step evaluation of their improvement. These kinds of improvement management processes are highly beneficial for the players, as they can have an analytical report of their monthly progress and can chart out their practice plan. Usually these training programs are geographically bound, however, with eGolfplan – we take it to the next level to provide everyone, everywhere the opportunity to use our system, as the sessions are provided over skype.

Direction, lots of practice, patience, assessment of improvement and performance are the key factors of success in any sports – especially golf.

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