Winning is never a challenge, the challenge is to know what exactly we want to win

Ever wonder what sort of life is considered as a successful and happy life? Some would say a life with all luxuries; some would say a life with good relationships, where some would call a professionally successful life to be a good life. More people you will ask more answers you will get. But as we are already born and in every terms and circumstances, we have to live our life so it’s good to contemplate a little and know how we can have a better or successful life.

When we say successful life what exactly comes to our mind? If we are saying so and so is leading a successful life then it’s lucid that person is having exactly what he desires to have. Yes that is the crux of a successful life: getting the desires fulfilled. Although the desires vary from person to person, but only a person with fulfilled desires is considered as a successful person.

A life without desires is aimless as it has nothing to achieve and no point to reach. Desires of life can be made measurable by converting them to small goals. The great personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Jim Carey, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and others are hold at awe by the whole world for their impeccable success. Is this is a mere co-incidence that all these people credit their success to their habit of having goals. Structured though different lines, but all these great personalities speak about how the realization of life’s goals and persistent hard work towards those goals enable them to live the life they imagined for.

The importance of goals and desires in a person’s life can be very much compared with a golf game. Just like in winning a golf game, a lot of persistence is required so in the real life as well. In a golf game, the golfer desires to win for which he has small term goals on winning the holes. He needs to make plans, strategies, deliver hard work, hold his patience and then play for his best hit. Not necessary that the first hit will get the ball right into the hole. The golfer needs to put his efforts to win the hole (goal) at minimum possible hits. Just like the game of golf, life also demands consistent performance and sometimes makes the test difficult. But, if the golfer has the goal and can keep his focus tight, then nothing can stop him from winning.

Winning is never a challenge, the challenge is to know what exactly we want to win. Rest put dedication and hard work, results are bound to appear. And the completeness that one gains after achieving the long yearned goal, can be best explained by a golfer who swings his club to make a hit and sees the ball quietly running into the hole he aimed for. 

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