Individual Plan

The individual plan is tailored for those disciplined and committed golfers looking to improve their game who will be working by themselves or with limited coaching. Your 12-month Individual Membership will include the following:

Goal Setting: You will document both short-term and long-term goals using the “SMART” method.

Commitments: You will then commit to achieving those goals by utilizing the egolfplan weekly or monthly “Commitment Reports” which will be used by you individually or in conjunction with an eGolfplan-approved coach.

Journaling: You can record round notes, swing thoughts, lesson notes, and more so such notes will be readily available.

Statistics/Report Generator: You will be able to input rounds, analyze statistics, and run a number of reports through our proprietary report generator.

eGolfplan is one of the most thorough stat providers in the business and will clearly show you where your game is currently and also which areas of your game you must focus on in order to improve.

Equipment Review
: You will be able to keep up with all your equipment with up-to-date listings of all clubs, including club loft and lies.

Medical History:
 Your sports history will be documented whereby a coach (if needed) will be able to make the necessary swing adjustments based on your history.

And much more!



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